Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Nation

No, not the old DC nightclub replaced by STBNGNP. No, the Red Sox Nation. The legions of green and pink baseball hat clad douche nozzles from Bethesda/McLean/Glover Park/etc. who jumped on the Sox bandwagon back in '04. They will be out in full disinterested force for three straight nights of drinking and obnoxious behavior. Sure they're Sox fans even though they went to Langley High School. Their cousin went to UMass and they spent a week in Wellfleet when they were nine so that qualifies them. Ugh. The Soon To Be Closed By The New York Times Boston Globe (STBCBTNYTBG) ran an article on just how destitute NatsTown is. Hat tip to Chico at NJ.


El Rey said...
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El Rey said...

Hey, Old Man Lerner must have been happy seeing the Nation occupy all those seats. The Nation's money is green after all and that is all the Lerners care about. Myself, I hope the Red Soxs continue their old fashion beat down of the Nats tonight and tomorrow even though I can’t stand anything associated with New England. The only thing worse than a Red Sox fan is a Nat fan who still believes in the "The Plan". There are still a few of them out there - pathetic. I have only been to one game this season and I don’t miss it. I only went because the ticket was in a luxury suite so I got to see how the other half lives. I've actually lost some weight too since I'm not sucking down the Half Smokes. I might not go to the games, but I do like to follow the train wreck that is the Washington Nationals.